Free SB Mellotron Mixed Brass B Live Pack (No. 72)

This Mellotron Live Pack is the seventh and next to last of the free Live Packs I’ve created of the second batch of samples provided by Taijiguy. This one features each note individually sampled of the Mellotron Mixed Brass B tapes, the brass sound used by Strawbs in “Hero and Heroine”.

The Live Pack contains a Simpler preset as well as four fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks, one with controls to add reverb, one adding a pinch of digital and vinyl degradation each, one arpeggiated, and one adding shimmery grainy delay 5ths. For Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Suite and up.

Listen to the demo:

I’d be grateful for a small donation if you have the means and would like to say thank you.

Comments are welcome. 🙂

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