Free “Skinned Synth” Live Pack (No. 9)

Some years ago I got to play the Skinstrument II that uses our skin’s resistance to generate sound whenever the circuit is closed by touching the instrument and each other. Back then I also recorded it and now created a

Free “Kitchen Ding Bangs” Live Pack (No. 8)

Over the years I’ve created a huge sound library, recording all kinds of different sounds in all kinds of places. I recently rediscovered this folder called “Ding Bangs” with sounds of things that make a ding or bang in the

Free Bodhrán Ableton Live Pack (No. 7)

I’m back with another free Live Pack for you. This one features bodhrán, an Irish drum that I played and sampled. The Live Pack contains a Drum Rack with different hits, strikes with the beater and brushes as well as

5 Free Dark Skins for Ableton Live 9 (#3)

Who knew that my Ableton Live skins would be so popular? How about five more then? These are all dark skins that work well in a club or at night in your studio. They’re created for Live 9, but also

Free Flageolet Live Pack (No. 5)

It’s time for another Live Pack to be left out into the world. The ‘Flageolet Live Pack’ contains four Instrument Racks based on me playing a flageolet tone on my trusted old classical guitar. They’re all macro mapped, work in

Free Kalimba Live Pack (No. 4)

Here’s another Live Pack I’ve created. It contains three Instrument Racks based on a kalimba sample. They’re all macro mapped, work in Live 8 as well as 9 and can be used for anything from pling plong melodies to mean

6 Free Ableton Live Skins (#1)

Here are 6 skins for Ableton Live that I’ve created for you to download for free. As you can see on the image below, there are some dark ones, suitable for live performances, as well as lighter ones. Enjoy!


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