Free “Dumpster Drums” Live Pack (No. 29)

Who says a dumpster is only good for holding rubbish (or trash)? It’s got a great sound when being hit, struck or kicked. I’ve made a Live Pack containing a fully macro mapped Drum Rack with Impulse instances with those

4 Free Sample Packs Full of Sound Effects by Glitchmachines

You might already be familiar with Glitchmachines because of their Microsphere Live Pack, available through Ableton. They also have a free Nano Pack series with plenty of high quality sound effects by sound designer Ivo Ivanov – all as 24bit

5 New Dark Skins for Ableton Live (#4)

Spring has sprung here in Berlin and I thought it’d be time for new looks for Ableton Live. Yes, I’ve made 5 brand new skins. They’re all dark ones, mostly grey with dashes of colour, one dark teal with rust.

Free “Keyed Up” Live Pack (No. 27)

Jangly keys are the basis of this Live Pack. “Keyed Up” contains 4 fully macro mapped Instrument Racks. Their sound ranging from bell-like keys to mean synths. Works with Live 9.

Free Ableton Live Pack “Rub-A-Dub/SnowStep” (No. 26)

It’s winter here in Berlin and quite dark, grey and grim. The perfect time to create a winter themed Live Pack. “Rub-A-Dub/SnowStep” contains two fully macro mapped Drum Racks, one made with sounds of hands rubbed together to keep them

ImpulseDuo: Drag & Drop Impulse to Drum Rack

A while ago I posted a video explaining how you can quickly convert an Impulse preset into a Drum Rack. Eric, on the Ableton forum known as 8MoreBits, has shared his workaround with me. ImpulseDuo is a Drum Rack that

Free “Water Bottle” Live Pack for Beats (No. 25)

This time around, I’ve used sounds from a generic water bottle to create a Drum Rack for you. The “Water Bottle” Live Pack is for Live 9 only. Not sure, if it’s your cup of tea? Have a listen!


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