Ableton Live + Max for Live + Isotonik + APC40 = DJ App

Live wasn’t created for DJing, yet a lot of people use it for exactly that. And it makes sense to only buy one software to produce and also DJ with. Less money to spend, only one app to learn. Isotonik Studios have thought up a solution that turns Live into more of a DJ app with a little help of the APC40 as a DJ mixer and Max for Live.

Check out this older video showing the template in action:

Isotonik allows you to:

  • set loop length on the fly
  • automatic follow actions
  • DJ-style EQ controls
  • up to eight different banks of sixteen encoders
  • on the fly control of sends for selected track
  • change the Global Launch Quantization on the APC40
  • nudge clips backwards or forwards to correct warping
  • beat jump functionality to sync up clips
  • easy access to waveform and play position in the clip view
  • change pitch of a clip on the fly
  • Slicer to retrigger slices of audio, turntable rewind and brake effects plus a tempo synced Gater

Isotonik offers a lot of DJ functionality that Live doesn’t have on its own and further possibilites to customise things even more to fit your needs. A light version is available for free at

Isotonik is available for Live 8 and Live 9 from Isotonik Studios for GBP 17.99.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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