Quick Slicing Fun with Free Max for Live Effect SlicR

While the Simpler now offers pad slicing, you still can’t record into it, but need to drop samples in. This is where SlicR by Benjamin Van Esser comes in. It’s a simple slicing device, great for some quick and dirty slicing. It’s supposed to be used in conjunction with the included SendSlicR~ device. The device enables performers to play slices of live recorded audio (or pre-recorded samples) on the fly.


The SlicR device needs to be added to a MIDI track and a SendSlicR~ device on an audio track. SendSlicR~ will route the audio output of the track it’s on to the SlicR instrument device. SlicR uses 10 buffers which gives you a maximum polyphony of 10 voices. All parameters are MIDI mappable so it is also useful for live performances.

Download SlicR

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