5 Helpful Workflow Tips for Ableton Live (Video Tutorial)

A while ago I had asked, what blog topics you would be interested in. One thing that has been mentioned several times was advice for workflows. Since this is a subject matter I’m really into, I have compiled five video tutorials that show you improvements of work processes in Ableton Live.

Zoom In Faster

Get to know a quick way to zoom into any area in MIDI and audio clips as well as in the Arrangement View. A great addition to your editing workflow.


Create Scenes Faster

Watch two ways to create Scenes faster. Both come in handy e.g. when building a live performance set from scratch.



Change Clip Parameters of All Grouped Clips Per Scene

Learn a little trick how to quickly change clip parameters of grouped clips at once on a per scene basis. Great for prepping live performance setups and more.


How to Create Live Clips

Live Clips can be incredibly useful though for storing smaller musical ideas or even when preparing a live performance set.


Lock Envelopes To Song Position

Locking automation envelopes to the song position can be useful when you want to replace a clip in the arrangement, but retain the various automations.

Questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

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