Pallas: New Semi-Modular Synth by Max for Cats & Giveaway

After Bengal, Max for Cats’ popular semi-modular FM synth, Christian Kleine and Nico Starke have teamed up again for Pallas, a semi-modular, analog-modelling synthesiser built on the modulation framework of Bengal. Pallas, a Max for Live device featuring eight-voice polyphony and three versatile oscillators at its core, offers a large and carefully crafted preset library.

Watch the demo video:


Pallas provides many options for users to sculpt sound, including comprehensive envelope settings, a pair of multimode resonant filters, two LFOs, a ring modulator, and six native audio effects. It additionally features a flexible eight-step sequencer that can be used as a signal modulator. The synth’s most essential parameters can be controlled remotely from any device that is connected to the same network as Pallas and has access to a web browser.

Pallas’ semi-modular capabilities are realised through a extensive virtual patch panel. Users can create multiple custom signal and modulation chains by stringing together virtual patch cords from square “outputs” to round “inputs”. The patch panel is designed for easy understanding and use, even for those with little to no experience with modular synthesis. Pallas also includes a visual control panel, which is switchable between three modes, that shows how the sounds are evolving in real-time.


  • 8-Voice polyphony
  • 3 oscillators (2 with mixable waveforms and 1 wavetable oscillator)
  • 2 multimode resonant filters
  • 2 flexible LFOs
  • 8-Step sequencer
  • 6 native audio effects (delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift, and chorus)
  • Virtual patch panel
  • Visual control panel
  • 8 Push-ready macros with free patching functionality
  • Web-Based remote control

Win Pallas by Max for Cats:

Pallas by Max for Cats Giveaway

Pallas is available from Ableton for €49.

Max for Cats on Sonic Bloom

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