NAMM 2013 Trends – Touch-Sensitive RGB Pads

In the last post about the trends at NAMM 2013 I wrote about all the new analogue synths. Another trend we’ve seen at this year’s NAMM are RGB pads with pressure and velocity sensitivity.

Pressure and Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads

A couple of years ago, most new MIDI controllers only offered red and green LEDs and hardly any sensitivity for their pads. Now it seems, a lot of companies are going for full RGB LEDs as well as touch sensitivity which is a welcome change. Also touch strips, also known as ribbon controllers, seem to be in again. Ableton’s Push will offer all of that, but there’s more new products heading into the same direction.

Livid’s new controller named Base looks very interesting and versatile with 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, eight momentary buttons as well as RGB LEDs.

Numark launches a new wireless DJ controller, the Orbit, that includes 16 RGB pads, a touch-sensitive control wheel and even a 2-axis accelerometer. With its features it can’t only be used for DJing, but for controlling any music software via MIDI.

Akai introduces the MPX8, a standalone SD sample launcher with eight velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, and the MAX25, a compacter version of the MAX49, 25 keys, four touch faders, and 8 pads, aimed to be used on stage.

Any new MIDI controller you’re interested in getting? Or did I forget to mention a new controller that really should be on the list?

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