NAMM 2013 Trends – Analogue Synths

Even though I couldn’t be at NAMM I followed it closely. A lot has been already said about all the new music technologies so I won’t get into any details here. There seem to be three very exciting trends in music technology this year though that I’d like to explore.

Analogue Synths Are Back In Style

KORG presented two analogue synths, the KingKORG, a new 61-key analogue modelling synthesizer, and the MS-20 mini, a recreation of the classic monophonic synth featuring the original circuitry from 1978 fitted into a smaller case.

Moog gives us the Sub Phatty, another monophonic analogue synth with a Multidrive section that allows adding more warmth at lower settings and some proper grit at high settings.

Dave Smith Instruments unveiled their Prophet 12, a polyphonic analogue synth, each voice offering four oscillators for creating complex waveforms.

Even the makers of the Stylophone Dubreq are introducing an analogue synth, the Stylophone S2.

Do you think this trend will continue in the next years? Any of the synthesizers shown here that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

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3 Responses

  1. I really can’t wait to get in touch with the Korg MS-20. I can remember the original in a music store back in 1979 or so when I was yet in school and had no money to get one. I still have the data sheet from then. Take these new machines and those from the last years, and yes, that is a trend I think. And I hope it will continue. Saw the Minimoog in one of your vids. Always I wish to own one. Maybe I get one of the new Sub Phatties 😉 Have you seen those famous guys in the video? Stevie Wonder and Bernie Worrell jammin’ on The Moog. Yeah that’s great!

    1. My boyfriend ‘collects’ analogue synths and hardware so I can borrow his. Lucky me, huh?! He also has the MS-20. I’ve only used the Minimoog so far though.

      1. Really lucky You! Real world machines have their very now character and charm. Meanwhile I have this iMS20 on iPad to play with as well and those VST stuff. But turning knobs… 😉

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