MorphJ – Free Max for Live XY Pad Device

Fabrizio Poce, musician and programmer has created a set of 7 Max for Live devices based on xy pad-style morphing. One of the devices in the Morph family, MorphJ is a freeware plugin that allows you to morph (control simultaneoulsy) any two parameters, in any Ableton Live device. It interfaces with a lot of different of controllers including game controllers like Joysticks or Wiimotes.

You can see MorphJ in action in the following video:

Download MorphJ for free.

Morph, the whole set of Ableton Live / Max for Live devices for preset and mixer morphing includes:

  • PresetMorph: collects device presets and allows you to morph in real time across four of them. Ideal as synthesis aid and for complex filters and EQ sweeps.
  • SendMorph: control up to four track sends simultaneoulsy, making possible the use of the returns as a multi-effect and/or multi-speaker output system
  • ParamMorph: morph across any two parameters in any device in the Liveset.
  • LFOMorph: a two-dimensional, geometric LFO. This isn’t quite what you have already seen around……
  • EnvMorph: Envelope/LFO generator for parameter modulation with fully customizable envelope curves and advanced performance controls.
  • JoyMorph: allows you to control any Morph device using USB device such as Gamepads, Joysticks, Pen Tablets, Gloves, Wiimote, etc.
  • LoopMorph: Record and Automate morph performances or create an unusual custom LFO. Can be used as simple Session View automation tool.

The complete Morph set can be purchased for 8$ from Fabrizio Poce’s website.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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