Intro to Max for Live Video Class by Bit Voltage

For those who want to learn Max for Live, but to find it difficult on their own, Bit Voltage now offers a beginner’s video class. The course explains the basics of Max for Live in simple steps, with a focus on accessing and manipulating parts of your Live Sets through the Live API.

“Intro to Max for Live” contains:

  • 19 short videos totaling 43 minutes. The class is split into 2 parts. Part 1 focuses on patching technique, part 2 focuses on interface design.
  • Slides used in the videos (in the form of Max for Live devices!)
  • Ableton Live Pack of the set used to create the background music, which uses nothing but Max for Live devices (Live 9 users only)
  • a .wav of the background music
  • an exclusive Bit Voltage Max for Live device, a floating dynamic channel strip, which the student learns to build from scratch throughout the course of the videos

Check out the two available sample videos:

The video class is available for USD 29.99 from Bit Voltage

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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