Happy New Year 2016

First of all, happy new year to all of you who’ve been following this blog, registered or got one of my courses or Max for Live Packs by Max for Cats. Also to all who have been joining me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube. May the new year be an awesome creative one for all of us! 

So, you may have noticed that the web shop was gone and now it’s back, but still looks the same. That’s because it is. I’d planned to redesign the website including a brand new web shop integration until now, but I’m not done yet at all. As it turns out, running a website in two languages isn’t as easy as it should be and that’s what’s holding up everything. But we’re talking about 500 articles by now.

That and the fact, that I’m still somewhat ill and spending a lot of time on my health. Keeping a special diet, regular exercise and not giving up pestering doctors to finally go and figure out why I’m sick and how to get better.

Anyway, one of the things I obviously was supposed to learn in 2015 was patience. So it’s just another thing to be patient with. So be patient, Madeleine, and be patient, dear reader. The new website is going to look fantastic and it will be ready soon-ish.

Drum Articulate

There’s one thing you’re not going to have to wait for any longer. Look out for January 6. This is the day, the Max for Live MIDI effect Drum Articulate by Max for Cats is finally gonna see the light of day.  It allows you to programme advanced drums and rhythms for any music style with ease. It can be placed on individual pads of an Ableton Drum Rack or used globally on a whole kit or even for synth programming and effects. Seriously awesome to use in the studio and especially on stage.

It will be free for all who purchased the Arp One. As you may or may not have noticed, the Arp One was liked so much by Ableton, its new improved version is now part of the free Max for Live Essentials Live Pack and called Arp. The Arp One will no longer be available on Sonic Bloom for this reason, but you’ll get a more than adequate replacement. Promise!

More on Drum Articulate on January 6 of 2016. The year starts with good stuff on Sonic Bloom and will only continue this way.

Happy music making!


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