10 Essential Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow in Ableton Live (Video Tutorials)

I’m a huge fan of working with shortcuts. In fact, I utilise a little app called Alfred to enable the use of even more shortcuts on my computer. And the reason why I love them so much is that they save me a lot of time. Every day. And shortcuts can save you a ton of time in Ableton Live as well. So here are ten essential ones to keep you in the flow while making music.

Press Zero To Deactivate


S is for Save


Show/Hide Windows in Live with Shortcuts


Show/Hide Live Set Overview


Quickly Transpose Parameters by an Octave


Reset Parameters


Switch Fast Between Clip and Device View


Number Shortcuts for Grid and Global Quantisation Settings


Finer Resolution When Dragging Clips or Breakpoints


Silence & Time Commands


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5 responses

  1. Found this by combining Alfred and ablleton live in my search. I’m curious how you use Alfred?Especially in regards to production or music/songwriting etc. I mostly use Alfred for finding and opening files, but know there are so many other ways to use it.

    1. I haven’t really tried finding ways to utilise Alfred for music production yet. It’s definitely on the list though. For now, I use Alfred for a lot of tasks to run Sonic Bloom as efficiently as I can on my own. I’ve started taking on notes when I notice that I repeatedly do something that could be combined in a workflow, then take some dedicated time to implement them. I think Alfred could me more helpful for me when doing sound design than when producing. I don’t follow a certain workflow when producing that requires me leaving the Live interface.

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