K-Devices latest Max for Live effect is TED, a parameter rich LFO that can also be used as a function generator. With its signal, you can modulate any parameter in Ableton Live: other device parameters, any third party plug-in or Live itself.

TED by k-Devices

To use, you simply need to click on Select, then click the parameter in your Live Set to apply its modulation signal. Then adjust TED's parameters to your liking and you can achieve rather complex modulations.


  • main oscillator with 6 morphable waveforms
  • adjustable sample and hold circuit
  • effect section: wave-folding effect, smoothing effect and a scalable output for modulation
  • CV/GATE compatible for use with respective hardware (modular system or vintage analogue synths)
  • natively supports the Open Sound Control protocol (Free Lemur Template available)

TED with CV/Gate:

TED controlled via Lemur:

TED is available at k-Devices for EUR 5.