NAMM 2013 Trends – iOS Connectivity

In the last two posts I wrote about new analogue synths and touch sensitive RGB pads as two of the new trends seen at this year's NAMM. The third and last trend I noticed are products that offer a new connectivity to iOS.

iOS Connectivity

This trend is rather expected with lots of DAWs and other music apps now available for iOS. It's quite the no brainer to jump on board by offering products that can interface with the iOS devices.

Apogee has updated their audio interfaces One, Duet and Quartet to be compatible with iOS. While Quartet offers this via a simple firmware update, the iOS compatible versions of One and Duet would have to purchased anew. They are also releasing Maestro for iOS which is an app to make changes to your audio interface's settings.

Alesis are offering two new interfaces that will work with both iOS devices and PC/Macs through USB connections - the Control Hub, a MIDI interface with audio output, and the iO Hub, a two-channel audio interface.

IK Mulitmedia unveiled the iRig BlueBoard, a wireless MIDI foot pedal for iOS and Mac as well as the iRig HD, an audio interface to connect your guitar to iOS and OS X. Also new are their iLoud speakers, new iKlip and the iLine cable kit.

What do you think of the new products that can be connected to iOS? Useful tools or just gimmicks?

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