No matter how great Live is there are always features left you might want, but that aren't included (yet). Live Enhancement Suite is a workflow enhancement tool written in AutoHotkey that adds a lot of extra features to Live. It's free (there's a PayPal donation button if you'd like to thank the makers) and so far only available for Windows. I haven't tried it as I don't have a Windows computer anymore, but Live user and Sonic Bloom reader Stephan Bobinger, who also alerted me of this app, reported that it works very well. A Mac version is apparently in the works. For those of you who don't know AutoHotkey, it's an automation scripting language that allows users to easily create form fillers, auto-clicking, macros and more. A lot of things in LES can be configured to suit your own preferred workflow.

Edit: The Mac version is now out and contains most of the features that the Windows version has. New features were added as well and there's now decent documentation.

Main features:

  • Double right-click to for quick access to a customisable menu of devices
  • Advanced draw mode
  • Double right-click on the piano roll to select a scale
  • Shortcut to add locators on the fly
  • Pan with your mouse
  • Shortcut to save automatically numbered versions

Watch this video to see the features in action (starts from 10:56):


And this video to see all the new features added in version 1.2:


Little warning: both videos are ADHD style, meaning they're incredibly busy with many quick edits and things happening at once, which makes them pretty hard to watch at times.

Live Enhancement Suite can be downloaded for free*.

*The makers request you to follow them on Twitter, but the download also works if you don't have a Twitter account or aren't logged in (so that I don't get any further angry emails about promoting Twitter).