Free Max for Live Remote Controls for Hardware Synths & Drum Machines

By now there are quite a few remote control devices available for all kinds of hardware synths and drum machines. The ones listed here are all free and built with Max for Live. They all require Live 9 and Max 6.

Korg Volca Series


Volca Beats Remote CC by achillez909

Volca Beats Drum Rack and Remote by Nerk

Volca Bass Remote CC by achillez909

Korg Volca Bass Remote by Nerk

Volca Keys Remote by Zemelka


Meeblip Se Remoteby gbravetti


Nord Lead 2X Remote by Protonica


Bass Station II Interface with M4L Presets by TBTAHG


Roland AIRA TB-3 Remote by Protonica

Roland AIRA TB-3 Remote by Nerk

Roland AIRA TR-8 Drum Rack and Remote by Nerk

Roland FA 06-08 Control by aevin

Roland System-1 Remote CC by achillez909


FS1R Remote by slee

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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