I wrote about this Live Pack a while ago, but now it's finally here. 11 Max for Live devices allow you to connect Ableton Live to lots of things. Arduino, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, littleBits™, OSC and the web via JSON-based APIs. This opens up a vast array of connection possibilities. 

Check out the video:


The following devices are included:

  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 – connect EV3 Programmable Bricks to Live and get access to sensors and motors
  • Arduino - connects switches, potentiometers and other sensors to control Live parameters, or use Live to control LEDs or Servos connected to an Arduino Uno.
  • littleBits™ - use the littleBits Arduino with other input/sensor Bits to control Live. It also enables events in Live to control your other littleBits modules
  • Camera – fetches webcam data in order to control mappable parameters
  • OSC Send – converts any mappable Live parameter to OSC data for sending out of Live
  • OSC TouchOSC – allows you to map any controller from any available TouchOSC layout to live elements
  • OSC Monitor – a simple but useful OSC data monitor
  • OSC Leap Motion – uses Leap Motion to generate midi notes with the help of the ManosOsc application
  • OSC MIDI Send – sends MIDI note and velocity data as OSC messages to a Processing sketch
  • JSON Weather – one of two examples on how to fetch JSON data from the internet, parse it through dictionaries and query specific data content from it
  • JSON Video – uses #ableton tagged looped videos from the online video sharing service “Vine”

More information and free download at Ableton.

Which device do you find the most exciting?