Verbotron by Max for Cats Updated – Free Max for Live Reverb

Verbotron by Max for Cats, a great free Max for Live reverb, got overhauled. Version 1.1 now features Push mappings and a redesigned interface which features a handy visual representation of the reverb parameters. It uses the original Gigaverb algorithm by Juhana Sadeharju which is also known as “Gverb” in Audacity.

Verbotron requires Live 9 and Max for Live 7 and comes in a self-installing Live Pack that contains 9 presets.

Verbotron v1.1 by Max for Cats

Its parameters are:

Early: A volume control that determines the amount of early reflections. Early reflections are similar to slap back echoes. Though they are not responsible for the typical hall effect generally linked with reverb, they contain lots of acoustic information about the setup in which the sound occurs.

Time: Controls the approximate duration of the reverb floor. In general, this parameter affects the simulation of the reverb tail. Very small settings cause the tail to almost disappear.

Room Size: Controls the overall characteristics of the reverb effect. In general, this parameter influences both the simulation of early reflections and the sound of the tail.

Damp: This parameter controls the response of the early reflections and the decay of the reverb tail. The higher the value, the less intense is the reverb.

Spread: increases or decreases the stereo width of the effect signal.

Tail: A volume control that determines the amount of the hall effect of the reverb. The volume of the tail determines how intense the reverb appears to be.

Width: Provides some kind of “tone” control. Small values cause a smaller frequency range to be processed. In general, the effect of this control can be heard in the treble band. Smaller values cause a “muffled” and less bright reverb.

Dry/Wet: A volume control that determines the amount of original sound in the reverb.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi! Would love to download this, but it keeps charging with a colorful wheel and it doesn’t download it to my computer. Any idea of why could this be? thanks!

    1. There should be a popup window opening from Gumroad to download from. Perhaps Gumroad was having issues. I’d suggest to try again. If it still doesn’t work, maybe your brwoser is blocking Javascript or something.

  2. im also unable to download the plugin :// just keeps spinning the pretty little color wheel. need it to work on a track for my band >.< is there another way to download ?

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