Lokua, an electronic musician from Chicago, has created quite a few nice Max for Live devices. All can be downloaded for free and he's got more already in the works.


Lokua's free Max for Live devices:

  • L.Step / L.Gate - an extensively MIDI and key-mappable step sequencer (and its little brother)
  • L.Resonator - comb filter based pitch resonator
  • L.Click - another impulse generator
  • L.Sh - shaker drum-synth
  • L.Convert - quickly find corresponding note/ms/Hz values
  • L.BD - sine wave bass-drum 101
  • L.Splay - reverb / complex delay
  • L.LFO - advanced LFO
  • L.ObliqueStrategies - random Oblique Strategy generator

Download Lokua's Max for Live devices.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.