9 Free Max for Live Devices from Lokua

Lokua, an electronic musician from Chicago, has created quite a few nice Max for Live devices. All can be downloaded for free and he’s got more already in the works.


Lokua’s free Max for Live devices:

  • L.Step / L.Gate – an extensively MIDI and key-mappable step sequencer (and its little brother)
  • L.Resonator – comb filter based pitch resonator
  • L.Click – another impulse generator
  • L.Sh – shaker drum-synth
  • L.Convert – quickly find corresponding note/ms/Hz values
  • L.BD – sine wave bass-drum 101
  • L.Splay – reverb / complex delay
  • L.LFO – advanced LFO
  • L.ObliqueStrategies – random Oblique Strategy generator

Download Lokua’s Max for Live devices.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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2 Responses

  1. Are the Lokua devices no longer available?? I had them on my old Mac but it’s out of the picture and I would LOVE to get my hands on this bundle again. The link to download the devices doesn’t work anymore (says, “PAGE NOT FOUND”). If at all possible, could you make these devices available again? Even if only for a limited time? That would be greatly appreciated and THANK YOU for making awesome stuff!!!

    1. The devices are made and hosted by Lokua, not me. There are thousands of outbound links on Sonic Bloom and it’s a bit much to ask of me to keep links updated that I have no control over in the first place. If you’d just deleted everything after the /, you’d have easily found the new link through the menu of the Lokua website: https://lokua.net/for-live

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