Synthesisers are as popular as ever and possibly getting more so every year. If you're new to synthesis and things still seem a bit daunting, don't worry. The music magazine Sound on Sound has an amazing long running tutorial series on the topic. 63 tutorials total released from May 1999 to July 2004. From the basic components of a synth and different types of synthesis to synthesising all kinds of instruments whether it's strings, brass, wind instruments or various percussive sounds. This tutorial series is certainly the most extensive of its kind on synthesis. Even for producers and musicians who are well acquainted with synthesis, there is something new to learn or knowledge to freshen up. All of the tutorials are still accessible, even if not directly via the magazine's website. You can find them all listed below in chronological order.

Sound on Sound Synth Secrets

  1. Part 1: What's In A Sound?
  2. Part 2: The Physics Of Percussion
  3. Part 3: Modifiers & Controllers
  4. Part 4: Of Filters & Phase Relationships
  5. Part 5: Further With Filters
  6. Part 6: Of Responses And Resonance
  7. Part 7: Envelopes, Gates & Triggers
  8. Part 8: More About Envelopes
  9. Part 9: An Introduction To VCAs
  10. Part 10: Modulation
  11. Part 11: Amplitude Modulation
  12. Part 12: An Introduction To Frequency Modulation
  13. Part 13: More On Frequency Modulation
  14. Part 14: An Introduction To Additive Synthesis
  15. Part 15: An Introduction To ESPS And Vocoders
  16. Part 16: From Sample And Hold To Sample-rate Converters (1)
  17. Part 17: From Sample And Hold To Sample-rate Converters (2)
  18. Part 18: Priorities And Triggers
  19. Part 19: Duophony
  20. Part 20: Introducing Polyphony
  21. Part 21: From Polyphony To Digital Synths
  22. Part 22: From Springs, Plates & Buckets to Physical Modelling
  23. Part 23: Formant Synthesis
  24. Part 24: Synthesizing Wind Instruments
  25. Part 25: Synthesizing Brass Instruments
  26. Part 26: Brass Synthesis On A Minimoog
  27. Part 27: Roland SH101/ARP Axxe Brass Synthesis