Dope Matrix – Virtual Modular Synthesiser (Max for Live)

I personally prefer real analogue synths, but they’re often not exactly cheap. If you’re looking for a modular synth that integrates seamlessly in Live and you have Max for Live, Dope Matrix may just be the thing for you. It’s a combination of a sampled Live Pack with a Max for LiveStep Sequencer for Push, APC40 & Launchpad.

Watch the Video:

Dope Matrix’s Features:

  • 4 famous analog oscillators: A-110, Plan B, Cwejman & Piston Honda
  • 12 custom Effects Modules – vast new dimensions of sound
  • Design evolving textures for experimental sonic science
  • 100+ Presets included, optimised for Live’s browser
  • Includes Max for Live Step Sequencer with a realtime control Matrix for hands on control of your patch for Push, APC40 & Launchpad
  • Melodic, Scale-Based Note Sequencer up to 64 steps
  • Accented Notes
  • Chord Generator for Polyphonic instruments
  • Octave, Note Duration and Legato Slides
  • Scale and Key Page with common and custom scales
  • Sequence Modulation (up to 4 parameters simultaneously)
  • Preset and Pattern Recall
  • Multi-Device/Multi-Controller Support – Use 1 controller on multiple tracks or up to 6 controllers on multiple tracks

See how it works:

Dope Maxtrix requires Live 9.1 and up and Max 6.1.5 and up and is available from Sonic Faction for $40.

More information about Dope Matrix

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2 Responses

    1. The Max for Live device isn’t from me, but Sonic Faction. The site currently shows a blank screen. I don’t know if this means it’s dead and no longer available or just a momentary issue.

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