Chord Machine – Free Max for Live Chord Sequencer

“Chord Machine” comes in a variety of two Max for Live devices. The original one is a chord sequencer with 4 different parameters made for the Monome 256. “Chord Machine Midi” is a MIDI effect version for everyone who doesn’t have this type of controller.

Chord Machine

It’s possible to choose a different step, speed and direction for each parameter. Pressing “Randomizer” creates new chance patterns. 16 chords are currently possible. It requires Live 8 and Max 5.

You can control these 4 parameters :

  • Gate
  • Octave
  • Filter
  • Phaser

Download “Chord Machine” (for Monome)

Chordmachine Midi

Chord Machine Midi

The MIDI effect allows you to map 2 parameters of your choice to be controlled instead of four predetermined parameters. It requires Live 9 and Max 6.

Download “Chord Machine Midi”

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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