BENGAL – New Semi-Modular FM Synth by Max for Cats

Max for Cats have been responsible for OSCiLLOT, a modular Max for Live synth and Ableton’s best selling Live Pack. And of course various fantastic Max for Live devices available on Sonic Bloom. Now they’re back with BENGAL, a semi-modular FM synth. While OSCiLLOT has a learning curve as you need to learn how to patch beyond the presets it provides, BENGAL can be played without touching a single patch cord. Of course, you can delve deeper into its sound universe by patching multiple patch chords in the Patch panel giving you a huge array of sound possibilities.

Check out the video:


Frequency modulation synthesis (aka FM synthesis) was introduced by John Chowning of Stanford University in 1973. It is a powerful synthesis method where the timbre of a simple waveform (such as a square, triangle, or sawtooth) is changed by modulating its frequency by another signal. A modulator frequency, a signal in the audio range, modulates an existing signal, resulting in a more complex waveform and a different-sounding tone.

BENGAL by Max for Cats

BENGAL’s Core Features are:

  • 4 operators: each operator can synthesise waveforms by up to 20 partials or by wavetables: either numerous built-in waves or user wavetables via drag’n drop.
  • 6 algorithms: each Algorithm reorders the internal sound structure of carriers and modulators.
  • 2 multi-mode filters:
    • Filter 1: 5 filter modes plus an optional comb filter. Also you can mix the unfiltered with the filtered signal and add filter drive to overdrive the filter for soft saturation.
    • Filter 2: filter morph. The filters can be routed in parallel or in series.
  • 2 LFOs: with tri-saw morph, retrigger, rate modulation and more
  • 6 audio effects: sound design as part of the instrument
  • Step sequencer: for note input, modulation data or both
  • Modifier effects: Mix, Scale, Clip etc. your signals
  • Patch panel: over 50 output and more than 60 input points

Also have a look at the walk-through video:


BENGAL by Max for Cats is available at Ableton for EUR 49/USD 59

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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2 Responses

  1. HI
    Since upgrading to Ableton Live 10, my version of Bengal will not open properly. The GUI has parts missing on the bottom and right hand side. Could you help with this issue please.

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