XY Send Nodes Circlepan – Free Max for Live Effect for Surround Sound or Send Automation

While this isn’t technically a new Max for Live effect, it’s a great example of people collaborating to make something even better. The original effect is part of the free Max for Live devices from Ableton and is meant to be a workaround to achieve a kind of surround sound with Ableton Live.

Basically, the sound can be sent to various return tracks and then routed out to different external outputs by automating the sends through movement. Of course, since the Sends are automated, this effect can also be used to apply various effects to a track by having interesting effects on the respective return tracks. Delays, reverbs and any kind of random effects work well.

XY Send Notes-Circlepan

User added features:

  • control as XY instead of previous Distance/Azymuth method
  • possibility to use various instances of the device
  • option to link several instances
  • possibility to MIDI map the dials to controllers

Download XY Send Nodes Circlepan 2.1

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Madeline thank you for sharring, but I am unable to open it on ableton 9… I was wondering if you know why? thank you

    1. It came out before Live 9.5 and since then there’s been changes. I’d suggest to contact the developer about it, but it is free device, so they might not want to continue development.

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