Winter Sale on Sonic Bloom – Everything 20% Off

It’s dark and cold here in Berlin, the smell of frost already in the air. Not such good time for outdoors activities perhaps, but a great time for the creative minded. For the entire month of December you can save 20% on all courses and Max for Live Packs on Sonic Bloom. You can save even more on bundles.

Sonic Bloom Winter Sale 2014 - Everything 20% Off

Online Video Courses:

Ableton Live 9 Essentials

now only EUR 24/USD 32
*** 36 HD video tutorials / over 5 hours total runtime ***
Ableton Live 9 Essentials is designed to help you master producing your own music quickly and easily.

Push the Envelope – Become a Pro on Ableton Push

now only EUR 16/USD 23
*** 16 HD video tutorials / over 3 hours total runtime ***
Learn to unleash the full potential of Push with all its features and how you can effectively integrate it into your workflow in the studio and on stage.

Ableton Live 9 Essentials & Push the Envelope – Bundle

now only EUR 36/USD 50
*** 52 HD video tutorials / over 8 hours total runtime ***
New to Ableton Live and Push and keen to get the hang of both quickly and painlessly? Purchase both the Ableton Live 9 Essentials and Push the Envelope courses and save even more.

Max for Live Packs by Max for Cats:

Arp One

now only EUR 8/USD 11
Arp One is a new Max for Live MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern functionality. It works similar to the Live Arpeggiator, but lets you define between one and 16 step values for velocity, note length and a mappable parameter value.

Chord Memorizer (incl. Chord Transposer)

now only EUR 8/USD 11
The Chord Memorizer is a Max for Live MIDI effect. It lets you easily create, play and store MIDI chords for chord progressions and chord patterns. Each key can store any chord! Chord Transposer lets you record, re-trigger and transpose a chord with a single key press.

CatStretch by Max for Cats

now only EUR 12/USD 16
CatStretch is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument. It lets you ‘freeze’ a sonic character at a specified position and play it back chromatically with MIDI notes.

Noland by Max for Cats

now only EUR 12/USD 16
Noland consists of 2 Max for Live devices: the Noland Synthesiser and the NolandFX harmoniser effect with built in filters, delay and reverb. The Noland synth, a unique instrument, is controlled with individual, automatable X-Y pads.

Max for Live Pack Bundles

Max for Cats Complete Collection

now only EUR 33/USD 44
The “Max for Cats Complete Collection” includes all the Max for Live Packs by Max for Cats currently available on Sonic Bloom – four Packs of amazing Max for Live MIDI instruments and effects.

Max for Cats MIDI Effects Bundle 1 (includes Arp One & Chord Memorizer)

now only EUR 14/USD 20
If you want both the advanced arpeggiator “Arp One” and the “Chord Memorizer” (incl. Chord Transposer) for making creating chord progressions very easy, you can purchase the “Max for Cats MIDI Effects Bundle 1″.

Max for Cats Bundle 2

now only EUR 21/USD 28
If you want both “Noland” and “CatStretch”, you can purchase the “Max for Cats Bundle 2”.

Wishing you all a creative season!

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