What’s in the New Max for Live Essentials Pack & New Max for Cats MIDI Effect Announced

Not only Ableton Live and Push got an update this week, but so did the Live Library and the Max for Live Essentials Pack. Not all of the devices in it are new, but the ones that are deserve to be mentioned.

If you are familiar with the previous version of the Max for Live Essentials Pack, then you already know Drum Synth, Convolution Reverb, Buffer Shuffler (2.0), Pitch Drop, Mono Sequencer, Note Echo and Instant Haus. The latter got a new feature, a whole new category of presets for Breaks including a preset system. Also the modulation effects Device Randomizer, Envelope Follower, LFO Audio, MultiMap, X/Y Pad, Envelope, Expression Control and LFO MIDI were already included in version 1.

New Max for Live Synth


Bass is a virtual analog, monophonic synthesizer that brings the whole sonic palette from deep and classic to heavily distorted, rumbling bass sounds.



  • four quality analog-modeled oscillators
  • sub oscillator
  • five different filter types
  • drive parameter
  • dedicated envelope
  • LFO


Poli is a classic sounding virtual analog synthesizer designed for polyphonic chords and phrases. Its character comes from detuneable oscillators, a diverse modulation section, and a built in chorus.



  • five individual sound generators with independent volume control
  • Saw, Square and Sub: virtual analog oscillators
  • Ring: ring modulated sine wave oscillator
  • Noise: white noise mixed in
  • separate high- and low-pass filters
  • free-running or synced LFO
  • built-in Chorus with three modes


Multi is a versatile and fun multimode synthesizer which comes with six synth engines in a single device. Each engine features four sound manipulating parameters that are unique for each engine. Global parameters are attack and release time and the overall signal volume.


These six modes are:

  • Mode 1: Feedback FM
  • Mode 2: Mono Arp Lead Synth
  • Mode 3: Analog 8 Voice Subtractive Synth
  • Mode 4: Sample Playback
  • Mode 5: Karplus Strong (String synthesis)
  • Mode 6: Additive Synthesis

New Max for Live MIDI Effects


Arp is the second version of the Arp One that is available here on Sonic Bloom. For those of you who bought the Arp One, Max for Cats and I have something for you. Scroll to the end of the article for more info.


MIDI Monitor

MIDI Monitor is a utility device that displays the latest MIDI messages received which can be filtered and displayed as a list or as notes drawn on a staff. It’s great for debugging MIDI setups.


New Max for Live Audio Control Device


Map8 is a utility Macro device especially useful with Push and other 8 knob controllers which allows you to map to any parameter across Live, not just something in the same rack. This way you can control parameters on other tracks (or the same track) without switching track focus. It’s also faster than macro mapping.


Download the free Max for Live Essentials Live Pack

Coming soon

Drum Articulate by Max for Cats

Drum Articulate helps you to programme advanced drums and rhythms for any music style with ease. It will be free for all who purchased the Arp One.

Drum Articulate

Drum Articulate is a MIDI effect which can be placed on individual pads of an Ableton Drum Rack, but due to its nature, you can use it also globally on a whole kit or even for synth programming and effects. Stay tuned!

A small excerpt of the vast possibilities and functions:

  • Drum Rolls
  • Speed Drum Rolls
  • Drum Repeater
  • Drum Flams
  • Controlled Randomness
  • Drum Time Designer
  • Drum Roll to Live Parameter Mapper (dynamic control of a Live parameter)

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10 Responses

    1. Yeah, me too. Haven’t even tried it yet, because Christian has been so busy with the Live 9.5 release. Btw, Max for Cats is generally just him. With Nico Starke for OSCiLLOT, and a little design help from me. 🙂

  1. Christian certainly keeps busy. I was wondering if you guys ever sleep 🙂 OSCiLLOT is tight! Beautiful work with the design input Madeleine 🙂

  2. Good news – looking forward to Drum Articulate!
    Hope you’ll be able to scroll through settings/presets like Mono Sequencer.

    Still I’d love to see 32 steps for Arp!


    1. The Drum Articulations MIDI effect doesn’t work with in-device presets, but modes and it’s really ingenious. It’s not a sequencer device that functions with patterns per se. You’ll see once it’s available.

      You’ve gotta ask at Ableton for the 32-step Arp now. 😉

    1. Well, Christian keeps adding more awesome features to the Drum Articulations device… so it’s looking like early January at the moment. It’s gonna be well worth the wait though. I’m very excited about the effect myself. It’s gonna be perfect for live performance stuff, but also come in very handy in the studio.

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