Programming in Max for Live – Tutorial Videos from Cycling ’74

Max for Live, the visual programming software from Cycling ’74 built into Ableton Live, is not an easy thing to learn. The guys from Cycling have now created a fantastic and very comprehensive series of video tutorials. Starting with an easy to understand introduction, they take you through tutorials in which you learn how to build all kinds of fun effects and synths or how to control parameters in Live. If you’re interested in learning Max for Live, but found it hard to get into so far, this series of videos will show you the essentials and help you get closer to realising your own devices. And the timing couldn’t be better with winter just around the corner.

Here’s the opening tutorial explaining the framework of Max.

Programming in Max for Live Episode 1: An Introduction to Programming in the Max Environment

Do you find it easy enough to follow? Will you continue with the course?

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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