One Thing: New Ableton Video Series on Artists’s Creative Approaches

Today Ableton released a new video series called One Thing that shows different artists share small tricks they use to overcome creative blocks or avoid repeating themselves. The intention behind it is strikingly similar to my long running text based series Oblique Strategies.

In Ableton’s words:

Any artist can suffer from a lack of inspiration at some point. The One Thing series takes you into the workspaces of musicians, producers and other artists to discover a method they rely on to keep their creative flame alight.

The One Thing series, a long time in the making, was revealed last Friday at Ableton HQ. The monthly series kicks off with 13 videos by artists and producers like Kyoka, Daedelus or Robot Koch. One of my favourites so far is the one with Catnapp, so I’m sharing it here.

One Thing: Catnapp – Against Instinct


Check out all the other One Thing videos and don’t forget to check back to catch up on the new monthly additions.

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