Oblique Strategies in Ableton Live – 2 Max for Live Patches

When I started the Oblique Strategies here on Sonic Bloom, a commenter reminded me of a Max for Live device displaying the original oblique strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. By now, there are two available for free, L.ObliqueStrategies and Oblique. I thought they’re worth sharing, since mine can be more specific to working in Ableton Live and won’t repeat the original aphorisms.

They both work fine and seem to use mostly the same strategies. So the choice comes down to looks on this one, unless you’re a French speaker or you’re still on Live 8, but also own Max for Live (yes, there’s one for that, too).

Max for Live Oblique Strategies


This Max for Live MIDI effect generates a random Oblique Strategy upon clicking anywhere on the device. It was made with Live 8 and Max 5, but it still works in Live 9 (and of course for Live 8 users with Max for Live).

Download L.ObliqueStrategies


This is a Max for Live audio effect, generating a random aphorism from the original deck of cards when the button is pressed. Additionally, it’s possible to choose between English and French. It was made with Live 9 and Max 6 (so it’s nothing for Live 8 users with Max for Live).

Download Oblique

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