NedFX Bundle – All 7 Max for Live Devices by Ned Rush

Ned Rush has created quite a few nice Max for Live devices. Now you can get them as one neat bundle. They’re sound design tools and performance enhancers and are used by artists like Richard Devine and Moldover.

NedFX Bundle includes:

  • Growlbox
  • Choirbox
  • The Wobblatron
  • Scrubber (stream)
  • Scrubber (MIDI)
  • The Knobulator
  • Dirty Echo

Check out the video for Growlbox:

The videos for all other devices are available to watch on his blog and you can also purchase the NedFX Bundle there for GBP 35 (about USD 55).

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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