Great for Learning Max for Live: ‘Inspiration Tools for Live 9’ by Stretta

Matthew Davidson, better known as Stretta, has created a suite of 10 Max for Live devices for Live 9 containing 3 audio and MIDI effects each as well 4 MIDI instruments. He calls them ‘Live 9 Inspiration Tools’.

They are pretty simple Max for Live devices. On their own they’re not very exciting, although when used in a chain they can give you interesting results. Stretta created them as simple and easy to understand learning tools. The patches are all very clearly arranged so you can easily follow what was done and why. His goal was to give a point of reference as Max is best learnt by doing. So if you are interested in learning to programme with Max I can only recommend to download them, study and modify them so you come to understand how to create your own instruments and effects.

The Stretta Band Pass Sequencer patch

Download the ‘Live 9 Inspiration Tools’.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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