Freezer & BrownStutter – Two Great Free Max for Live Audio Effects

Freezer and BrownStutter are two free audio effects Riccardo Marogna aka argoman that I found immensely fun and useful. Freezer is a polyphonic spectral freeze effect, BrownStutter a stutter and beat repeater effect driven by a brownian rhythm.


At each “FREEZE” bang, a new frame is frozen, mixed with previous saved layers & sent to output. A “feedback” parameter controls the mix level of the previous layers with respect to the last freeze frame. An “AUTO FREEZE” option is available: when checked, the freezing is triggered by an onset detection of an audio input.


Download Freezer


As the name suggests, this is a stutter/beat repeater effect driven by a brownian rhythm. With AUTO mode, mono/stereo mode, pitch shift, repeat…


Download BrownStutter

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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