Free Max for Live Patch “Tone Row Generator” – Chance Music or Arp

The “Tone Row Generator” Max for Live MIDI effect by Nils Nordmann generates random notes in different scales and tempi by combining composition techniques of Arnold Schoenberg and John Cage. The generative tool can be used well for interesting melodic sequences or as an arpeggiator. With the right instrument in the track you could even use it to work to or fall asleep to.

Following Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique, every tone row refers to a non-repetitive ordering of the notes, so no note will be played twice in a row. It is also possible to define other scales like the western church scales or pentatonic scales. John Cage’s idea of aleatoric music is implemented by a randomness of the note output in tempo, velocity and duration.

Check out the video:

Download “Tone Row Generator” for free

P.S.: I’ve been listening to its output coupled with a Marimba preset while working on new posts. Very relaxing!

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