Free Max 4 Live Plug-ins by Whitebox Synth Makers

Whitebox Synth Makers have made quite an impressive collection of free Max 4 Live Plug-ins. There’s a lot of synths, a sample player, an ambient and percussive instruments.

The Whitebox devices comprise:

Whitebox SAMPLER (MAC):
Drag & drop sample player with multi-filter, ADSR, reverb.

Whitebox 8-BOX:
An ambient synth with 8 pad tones as well as Spectral Delay.

A one-dial call-up of 24 pre-written synth presets.

  • Whitebox SPOTFIELD:A field of 16 pre-written synth presets.
  • Whitebox BACONFIST: Turn ANY sample into a synth. Drag and drop functionality.
  • Whitebox LOW: An Ableton-style ambient and evolving instrument.
  • Whitebox MALLETBOX: An ambient percussive instrument with recordable buffer.
  • Whitebox AMBIBELL: An ambient percussive instrument with evolving FX.
  • Whitebox LAVERNE: A GUI wash and brush-up for Max’s basic synth.

Download the free Max for Live devices from Whitebox Synth Makers.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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