‘Push Programming’ Tutorial Series by Cycling ’74 – Continued

This one's not new, but worth mentioning for all who want to learn Max for Live and who have Ableton Push. I'd posted the first tutorial in the series ‘Push Programming Oct13′ by Cycling '74. Now here's the rest.

Part 2

After an introduction to working with the Push, this one tackles better loading times of the button matrix with the help of Javascript.

PushStepper - the result:

Check out part 2 in the series ‘Push Programming Oct13′

Part 3

This tutorial shows how to use Max to directly access Push (not via the Live API). It aims to enable you to use the button matrix as a interesting display element.

PushPix - the result:

Check out part 3 in the series ‘Push Programming Oct13′

Part 4

This last tutorial shows how to make the 8BandMix device into a "Master", and then create a "Slave" device that will receive changes from the Master and either match or invert the results to create either a second mixer or a crossfader.

Check out the fourth and last part in the series ‘Push Programming Oct13′

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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