There may be a time when you need to create sheet music for your own composition. Unfortunately this feature isn't built into Ableton Live. If you have Max for Live, there is the now free LiveScore by Nick Didkovsky and Georg Hajdu, which offers music notation through a bunch of Max for Live devices. It is based on MaxScore, which is for standalone Max. LiveScore is integrated into Live makes the transcription and editing of Live MIDI clips possible.


There are two main Max for Live devices:


The Max for Live MIDI effect LiveScore.Viewer displays the content of a selected MIDI clip in standard music notation on the respective track. It updates its content dynamically when a clip’s loop or section markers have been moved, when notes in Live’s Clip View are manually added or changed or when a new clip is recorded in Session View.

You can set the key signature, the clef to be used as well as the quantisation setting. The window follows the playback position of the clips in Live. There's also the "Open Editor" button which opens the second device, the LiveScore.Editor, to allow simple editing.


This Max for Live MIDI effect is the actual music editor with a graphical user interface that offers a number of handy tools. These include intelligent transcription with key and clef finder, a percussion map, a set of menus and palettes for easy navigation and interactive editing as well as microtonal notation and playback via LiveScore devices.

A demo Live Set is included and documentation can be found on the website including a tutorial on the installation process.

LiveScore requires Live 9.7 and Max for Live 6.1 or up and is available at ComputerMusicNotation.

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