LiveGrabber is a series of Max For Live plugins that can send information of device parameters, track parameters, clip envelopes and audio analysis of Ableton Live to any device on the network that supports Open Sound Control (OSC). With the 3.0 beta Live can now also receive.

LiveGrabber consists of 6 Max for Live devices:

  • ParamGrabber: connects to parameters of any Live device
  • TrackGrabber: connects to track parameters of a Live track
  • AnalysisGrabber: analyses the audio output of a Live track
  • VoidGrabber: allows you to send arbitrary values with Automation and Clip Envelopes
  • GrabberSender: sends all data to your OSC destination on the network
  • GrabberReceiver: receives messages from your OSC senders on the network

An example connecting Ableton Live with VDMX

You can download it for free on Soundforge. More information and detailed instructions can be found on the LiveGrabber page.

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