If glitch is your thing and you always wanted to be able to manipulate audio on the fly, then Grooveslice could get you quite excited. It functions as a parametric delay with separate parameters for recording and playback, and gives you a wide range of features for maximum control. While it can be a great tool in the studio, it excels when used for live performances.

Grooveslice by Wave Design


  • Chop/glitch live instruments
  • Scratch, Reverse delay, Dualing harmonies / “choir”, Polyrhythms/Counter-rhythms, Atmospheres/textures, Selective Repeat/stutter, Tape stop/start
  • Separate parameters for recording and playback (chop loops or live instruments)
  • Adjust speed and pitch using pythagorean harmony ratios, scales, octave shift, reverse button, scratch slider, jump-to buttons or number box
  • Quantise options for timing (cue) and loop controls
  • Feedback control (re-record wet signal to pitch/speed up or down in cycles)
  • Manual controls: Freeze (stop recording), Stop playback, retrigger record/play
  • 3 Automatic record/play retrigger modes
  • Mute Wet & Mute Dry toggles
  • Store/restore Loop boundary settings
  • Control presets & automation packs

Check out the video:

GrooveSlice is available from Isotonik Studios for £13.99 and includes lifetime updates. It require Ableton Live 9.1 and Max for Live.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.