This is Live Pack 4 in the 10-part Mellotron series. "Mellotron M300 B" is based on all individually sampled string notes of a Mellotron 300. The Live Pack contains a Simpler preset as well as three fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks, one with controls to add reverb, one for tremolo-y and one for granular strings. For Ableton Live 9 Standard or Suite. Sampled by Taijiguy.

Listen to the demo:

If clicking it to download results in a text-file, simply right-click and choose 'Save Link as...'. To install, just double-click the alp-file and choose the installation path when prompted by Live. And here's a tutorial on how to use the presets from Live Packs that are not self-installing.

Mellotron Live Pack 5

Download the free Mellotron M300 B Live Pack

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