Free Max 4 Live Plug-ins by Whitebox Synth Makers

Whitebox Synth Makers have made quite an impressive collection of free Max 4 Live Plug-ins. There's a lot of synths, a sample player, an ambient and percussive instruments.

The Whitebox devices comprise:

Whitebox SAMPLER (MAC):
Drag & drop sample player with multi-filter, ADSR, reverb.

Whitebox 8-BOX:
An ambient synth with 8 pad tones as well as Spectral Delay.

A one-dial call-up of 24 pre-written synth presets.

  • Whitebox SPOTFIELD:A field of 16 pre-written synth presets.
  • Whitebox BACONFIST: Turn ANY sample into a synth. Drag and drop functionality.
  • Whitebox LOW: An Ableton-style ambient and evolving instrument.
  • Whitebox MALLETBOX: An ambient percussive instrument with recordable buffer.
  • Whitebox AMBIBELL: An ambient percussive instrument with evolving FX.
  • Whitebox LAVERNE: A GUI wash and brush-up for Max's basic synth.


Download the free Max for Live devices from Whitebox Synth Makers.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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About the Author:

Madeleine Bloom is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin. She studied Electroacoustic Music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory. In the last few years she's worked as a technical support for Ableton and has helped countless people with her in-depth knowledge of Ableton Live, various other music apps as well as audio engineering.


  1. Nick Dwyer March 10, 2013 at 10:35 - Reply

    Thanks for the article here. It’s boosted my web-hits and my confidence in the white boxes I am making. Recently hit a wall in the transition to Max 6 (still don’t like it apart from the natty flowing connections!) and realised I MAY need to learn some programming.

    If any one wishes to follow Whitebox on Facebook please do.

    • Madeleine March 10, 2013 at 11:28 - Reply

      You’re very welcome. You have some great sounding devices definitely worth a feature. :)

  2. Nick Dwyer March 22, 2013 at 01:09 - Reply

    Hi Madeleine,

    I liked your Glass Synth so much I enjoyed seeing how you made it. It inspired me to make my first very simple Live Pack using Whitebox 8-Box and Ableton’s fab ambient delay FX.

    Free to anyone to download (direct link below). If people want to verify the site first please go to

  3. Nick March 22, 2013 at 11:15 - Reply

    Live 8, so it should be up-compatible. My 9 beta just ran out!

  4. Nick May 8, 2013 at 00:30 - Reply

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