5 Free Max for Live Step Sequencers For Chance and Probability by Ableton and Sonic Faction

Today, Ableton have released a new Max for Live Pack called Probability Pack, which is available as a free download for all Live 10 (or Live 10 Standard with Max for Live) Suite users. This time in collaboration with Sonic Faction. Each of the five included Max for Live devices is all about randomness and chance, which makes these devices ideal for brainstorming ideas and patterns when your own creativity fails you.

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Each of the five sequencers offers different options to apply random patterns subtly or succinctly so that unforeseen events happen. The devices are perfect for developing new ideas, creating variations of existing patterns, or creating surprising, ever-changing textures. The sequencers were explicitly designed for use with Push, with a deep integration, but of course they also work without problems without a controller. In addition, more than 60 synth presets, Instrument Racks, and ingenious settings for the sequencers are also included in Probability Pack.

The Step Sequencers:

Melodic Probability
A monophonic step sequencer made for melodies. Set the probability of the event, pitch and octave of each step.

Rhythmic Probability
A polyphonic sequencer made for rhythms. Set the probability of the velocity, length, and event of each step.

Probability Arp
An arpeggiator with a built-in chord generator. Set the probability for rate, note direction (style), length and octave.

Step Divider
A polyphonic sequencer where each step can be divided into any number of smaller subdivisions for glitchy and chaotic results.

Dr. Chaos
A neural network that strings together notes and generates melodies in unpredictable ways.

The pack can be downloaded for free by anyone who has Live 10 and Max for Live, in your Ableton user account, on the website under Packs, or directly in the Live 10 browser.

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