I've been rummaging through the Max for Live online library once again and picked out three free devices for you that you should find very useful.

Mix Matcher 1.0

Mix Matcher by Funkatronics is a mix referencing tool that allows you to compare your work to other tracks and/or pink noise. By utilising Live 10's new audio routing features you can route audio into the device from two chosen tracks within the Live Set to easily line up reference material with your arrangement and compare them to your mix. It's also possible to open the graph in a floating window. Mix Matcher requires Live 10 and Max 8.

Download Mix Matcher

outist 1.3

outist by Valium du Peuple is a free Max for Live audio effect that lets you route any signal to any internal or external destination, so that you can have pre and post send per return channel or flexibly route the signal to any physical output or anywhere in your Live Set. Requires Live 10 and Max 8.

Download outist

Repetitor 1.5

Repetitor by Razzkazz is a four channel gate generator inspired by the Zularic Repetitor by Noise Engineering. You can set the MIDI note for each channel, the amount of steps, the division, save and recall patterns and more, which makes it a great choice in conjunction with Drum Racks to create interesting drum patterns with lots of variation. Requires Live 10 Suite.

Download Repetitor

Any questions or suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.