Drumk 2 – New Glitchy Max for Live Device by K-Devices

K-Devices, a French company developing  Max For Live devices, has recently released Drumk 2. It’s the update of their Max For Live device that allows for glitchy beat-oriented sample manipulation. As the name suggests, you can manipulate drum loops with it, but you can use virtually any two audio samples to get interesting results. I’ve played with it for a couple of hours and feel I’ve barely scratched the surface…

Drumk 2 is based on a grid and multisliders. You can choose to meticulously design sound or use the random buttons, drunkwalk, walker mode, and time variation probabilities for some never repeating chance music. Obviously it’s well suited for both studio and live performances.

Features of Drumk 2

  • supports 2 samples together: interpolate the amplitude between the two samples using the xfade parameter
  • redesigned graphical user interface for a faster and better experience while designing or manipulating sound in the studio or during live performances
  • new amplitude envelope engine
  • new time variation function: use two different time resolutions and “morph” them always being synced to Ableton Live
  • store and recall up to 8 snapshot and morph them with the new gesture function
  • manage up to 4 external parameters from the Ableton Live graphical user interface or from any third party plugin hosted in Ableton Live

Drumk 2 is available for € 24.99 at K-Devices’s web shop. You can also find more detailed information there or on their YouTube channel.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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