CatStretch Version 2 by Max for Cats Out Now and Free For Users of the Previous Version

For all users of CatStretch we have great news. Version 2 with lots of new features is out now and it’s free for everyone who had purchased version 1. And if you bought the Stochastic Delay and happen to own a copy of OSCiLLOT, you will be happy to hear that a module for Max for Cats’ modular system of the effect awaits you in Your Account (don’t forget to log in first).

Catstretch Modulation Tab open

CatStretch is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument. It lets you ‘freeze’ a sonic character at a specified position and play it back chromatically with MIDI notes. The position of a sample can be adjusted with the ‘Scrub’ dial. It uses phase-vocoding technology to achieve time stretching up to total time freeze.CatStretch 2 is specially tailored for extreme sonic manipulations in the spectral and time domain – sculpt your samples in new and unheard ways.

New in CatStretch 2:

  • UI Overhaul
  • Push mappings
  • Multimode Filter with 4 Filter Types (LP, HP, BP, Notch)
  • Filter ADSR Envelope with modulation, amount and dry/wet
  • Stretch ADSR – The Stretch Amount can be controlled via ADSR
  • Full parametric 3-Band EQ and Spectrum Display
  • Volume and parameter optimisations

Watch the Video Tutorial:


CatStretch comes as a self-installing Live Packs with an integrated lesson in Live’s Help section and is available for EUR 15/USD 20 as well as bundled with other Max for Live Packs for a discounted price.

The Stochastic Delay Pack now comes with its own module for OSCiLLOT

Stochastic Delay OSCiLLOT Module

You can find the instructions on how to add a module to OSCiLLOT on the Max for Cats website.

The Stochastic Delay offers two independent, stochastically driven delay engines with two post-EQ filters, freely adjustable or synced tempo as well as built-in reverb. The process can be adjusted either via mouse movements in the Resolution and Delay units or via the ‘dice’ buttons for a random injection, making it an ideal alternative to Live’s Beat Repeat.

The “Stochastic Delay” Live Pack comes as a self-installing Live Pack with an integrated lesson in Live’s Help section and is available for EUR 10/USD 14 on its own or together with the “Skram Delay” for 10% less as part of the “Max for Cats Delay Bundle”.

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7 Responses

  1. tolles update, quasi völlig neues instrument. schöne und witzige presets.

    und auch der stochastic lässt sich prima in den oscillot einbinden.

  2. Hi Madeleine
    I have just been looking at your site and see that Stochastic Delay is available for Oscilot now. I have the delay bundle. how would I get the oscillot version?

    Thanks jamie

  3. hey I emailed max for cats not sure if he will get it but I wanted to know if you can update version 2 for apple silicon?
    I do enjoy version 2 thanks!

  4. hello, I was wondering if there will be apple m1 support for these max for live. devices?


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