LiveGrabber to Send/Receive OSC in Ableton Live

LiveGrabber is a series of Max For Live plugins that can send information of device parameters, track parameters, clip envelopes and audio analysis of Ableton Live to any device on the network that supports Open Sound Control (OSC). With the

Drumk 2 – New Glitchy Max for Live Device by K-Devices

K-Devices, a French company developing  Max For Live devices, has recently released Drumk 2. It’s the update of their Max For Live device that allows for glitchy beat-oriented sample manipulation. As the name suggests, you can manipulate drum loops with it,

MorphJ – Free Max for Live XY Pad Device

Fabrizio Poce, musician and programmer has created a set of 7 Max for Live devices based on xy pad-style morphing. One of the devices in the Morph family, MorphJ is a freeware plugin that allows you to morph (control simultaneoulsy)

Max for Live Devices ‘Sufi’ North African Style

For owners of Max for Live, there are some great Max for Live devices out there. ‘Sufi’ by Beyond Digital is quite different from most though. All seven included devices explore North-African sounds and scales. As with most Max for


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