ImpulseDuo: Drag & Drop Impulse to Drum Rack

A while ago I posted a video explaining how you can quickly convert an Impulse preset into a Drum Rack. Eric, on the Ableton forum known as 8MoreBits, has shared his workaround with me. ImpulseDuo is a Drum Rack that wraps two instances of Impulse that can simply be dropped into the chains.

While my method requires some more mouse work, his is a little more taxing on the CPU, but undeniably faster.

How to use ImpulseDuo:

  • Download ImpulseDuo.adg or ImpulseDuoLabeled.adg.
  • Drop an ImpulseDuo Drum Rack into a MIDI track.
  • Drop your favourite Impulse into the “Impulse 1” chain (make sure to leave the Scale device in the chain). This will be the top half of the 16 pads.
  • Drop another Impulse into the “Impulse 2” chain (make sure to leave the Scale device in the chain). This will be the bottom half of the 16 pads.

Download ImpulseDuo for free.

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  1. Hi Madelein, your site is always eloquent and interesting, thank you. ImpulseDuo looks like a really useful device, but the link has gone and 404’d itself. Could you please post a refreshed link?

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