5 Ableton Push Performances to Get Inspired

Generally only the big names are shown jamming or performing on Ableton Push. But there are plenty of not so well known artists out there who make interesting videos showing off their skills. I’ve chosen a nice little selection for you to watch and get inspired.

K-PoP Culture – Tak (Cover Version) on Ableton Push & Leap Motion by Rishabh Rajan

Live improvisation iPad Samplr, Toy Music Box, Ableton Push, Maschine, Leap Motion by Perplex On

Live Jam – Ableton Push by nau77

Live Violin Mashup with Ableton Push by Paul Dateh

Radiohead – Paranoid Android (Ableton Push cover by Brett Gildersleeve)

Which video is your favourite one? Or do you know an even better one?

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