New Ableton Goodies series on Create Digital Music

Peter Kirn has recently begun a new series on Create Digital Music called “Ableton Goodies”. If you haven’t seen any of his posts, yet, I’ve compiled them for you here.

Create Digital Music

Free MS-20 Simpler Instruments, Full of Filter Goodness

Get the free Live Set that contains 6 presets of the analogue synth.

Control Every KORG Volca Free, with Max for Live

Three handy Max for Live devices that each function as a remote control for either Volca Keys, Bass and Beats.

Push without Push – Free Lemur Template Puts Shove on iPad

This one’s for those folks who are on the go without their beloved Ableton Push, but equipped with an iPad and Lemur and who are going into withdrawal. 😉

Free Volca Beats Drum Rack, Drums Smash Effects Rack

For those of you that don’t have a Volca Beats or don’t have it at the ready, this Drum Rack by AfroDJMac is the answer.

And the best news I got via email from Peter himself.

This series has been a huge, huge hit so I’ll be keeping it going. And I can say with some honesty it’s because so many people are doing these giveaways and creations.

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